Ironfire Garden Planters and Firepits Ideas

Toasty Firepits & Elegant Garden Planters

Do you want to add a designer feel to your garden or patio area? Or perhaps you want to create some extra impact in your garden. Then again you might want to improve a paved or gravelled area with Ironfire Planters! Whatever you are looking for we have the thing for you!

Industrial Style Planters

Give your garden a modern, contemporary feel with sleek Ironfire, steel garden Planters and Firepits. These are large statement units 52cms (20.5 inches) square and 78cms (2ft 6” approx) tall. The panels of our strong galvanised steel Planters bolt together and are then coated with hard wearing powder coating. We know they are tough and so we give a 6 year guarantee against rust penetration. They also have an inner shelf with holes to give low and high fitting options for different types of plants. Ironfire industrial planters are large, angular and definitely heavy duty. Sustainable garden furniture should be about making something that is long lasting and then helping to support it. That means you can order our furniture as easy to change spare parts. Due to a robust rust resistant construction and durable Powder coating they can live outside for year after year. 

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Industrial Style Garden Firepits

Our steel Ironfire Firepits fit securely in the top of our Ironfire Planters adding heat and light to evenings outside. These units are 44.5 cms Square at the top and 26 cms Square at the bottom. They are 20 cms tall. They’re welded on all seams, made in Britain from 3mm galvanised steel and powder coated.

Providing you use normal barbecue materials (such as wood and charcoal) they will not buckle under heat and carry our normal warranty. Over time their Powder coating does wear off so we recommend storing them under cover when not in regular use. They work as well when not in an Ironfire Planter if placed on a floor or other flat surface. Do make sure that any surface is safe, solid and fire resistant! We can’t be responsible for where and how you use your Firepit).

We love the idea of creating a Beauty and Beast flaming pathway from garden Planters and Firepits. Nobody has asked yet but we keep hoping! Whichever way you use your Firepit it’s sure to keep your evening going for longer with heat and light. All in all our industrial style Firepits are ideal for an evening outside and perfect for roasting marshmallows.

Weatherproof Furniture Covers

Our water resistant furniture covers offer a great solution for protect your outside furniture. We make furniture covers to order and to fit your Ironfire industrial style furniture. We don’t buy them in – we make them – here in the UK! They are easy to slip on and off so you can take advantage of every bit of sun the british summer offers. They’re fitted with elastic tabs to secure them strongly. Just let us know what you are looking for.

Whether you want an industrial style garden table with a cover for added weather protection. Or whether you want a complete set of covers with your garden chairs and benches. No matter how many items you order, every Ironfire industrial furniture delivery costs £40. (We will quote the delivery costs of covers and other individual, postable items as they are, of course, much cheaper). Of course you can always collect yourself at no cost.

For more information on Ironfire industrial furniture, see our FAQs page. Otherwise contact us direct and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions.

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Ironfire industrial style firepit


Ironfire Garden Planter


Planter 620 mm Square x 780 High.
Firepit – 445mm Square  x 200 High.

Heavy Duty Black Galvanised Metal.

Choice of 2 Internal Shelf Heights.


£189.00 Inc Vat.


Industrial style steel planter for the garden or driveway


Ironfire Large Planter


Planter 620 mm Square x 780 High.


Heavy Duty Black Galvanised Metal.

Choice of 2 Internal Shelf Heights.


£139.00 Inc Vat.


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Ironfire Decorative Planter


Planter 620 mm Square x 780 High.


Heavy Duty Black Galvanised Metal.

Choice of 2 Internal Shelf Heights.


£139.00 Inc Vat.


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